Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring in Michigan

When Jacob and I left for church this morning, it was sunny and 45 degrees.

When we came out of church, it was cloudy raining.

Right now, it's snowing.

Yep -- it's Spring in Michigan!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A "Free" Saturday

We haven't had a weekend without SOMETHING planned for quite a while. It's been a crazy, busy life...which I like, so I'm not complaining. But because of all the chaos, combined with the fact that Ron works in KY, we've not had a date since last year. Sad, I know. A big portion of that is that we just can't afford to go out. And that's O.K. with us -- we make do the best we can. We normally have dates at home. After the kids go to bed, we plan something, from a night of You Don't Know Jack to a movie. It's not as nice as going out, but it's the best we can do, so we make it work.

Well, tomorrow is going to be different. We are going on a date tomorrow -- and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! When I first told him that we were going out, he immediately responded that we couldn't afford it. I told him not to worry. I have it all figured out. And here's how.

The morning is starting out with a pedicure -- something I haven't had since last year. I purchased four pedicures last year, so my fifth one was free. I scheduled it for this Saturday. Woohhooo!

I contacted my neighbor and inquired about using a coupon for 4 hours of FREE babysitting that she gave me. I told her that we'd like her from 3:30pm - 7:30m, so it was win-win for both of us. Ron and I can go out and have four kid-free hours...and she can go out at night. She IS 22, afterall, and SHE has a life. LOL!

Ron and I are going to the movies with a gift certificate we got at Christmas. We're going to see a 4:00 show and then go eat dinner with a gift certificate I won at a school raffle.

The only thing the entire day will cost me is the tip for my pedicure, and I still have birthday money left for that. I always try to be thrifty, but this is one of the best "free" days I'll have ever planned. LOL!!

I hope you have a great Saturday, too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PSA: Cream Pies are NOT Meringue pies

Someone promised me "the best lemon meringue pie on earth" for my birthday. Sadly, I was SO excited about that because I LOVE lemon meringue pie and never get any. So, yesterday was the day. I got a box with a pie in it. But when I opened it up, I saw cool whip. I just looked at it for a minute, and then she pulled it from me and took it out of the box. She said "Are you ready for lemon meringue pie?"


The smart ass (and disappointed) side of me wanted to say "Yes. And where is it, because cool whip is NOT meringue." But I obviously would NEVER, EVER say that because it's incredibly rude. I smiled, thanked her for the pie and ate a small piece. And after she left, I looked at the box sadly - wishing that it was indeed lemon meringue pie.

Maybe next year.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins

1. Why do we have to pay taxes if politicians and corporate America doesn't?

2. Checking all foods and products Clare uses for red dye and putting medicine in my dog's ears are now habits.

3. I have a very blessed life.

4. I had never heard the phrase "I love school" from Clarissa's mouth until after conferences this week and it was really nice to hear.

5. I'm scheming to find scrapbook time this weekend the way I always do. Unfortunately, there probably won't be any usual.

6. How was I to know Clare wasn't done with her cake since she left it on the table for an hour? If she wanted it, she should have eaten it.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to bed early, tomorrow my plans include having dinner with Tiffany and Sunday, I want to go for a walk with the dogs while the kids ride their bikes.!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When Life Gives you Lemons...

Today I was nominated for a "When Life Gives You Lemons" award by the most wonderful woman that I don't know (hee hee). I don't feel very deserving of any award right now, but I appreciate that Beth thought of me. She always knows how to make me smile -- just when I need it.

Today is my birthday. And while I LOVE my birthday and usually whoop it up, this year is kind of different. Ron is in Kentucky, so we had to do gifts on Sunday. We were supposed to go out for lunch after church, but poor Jacob was sick, so we decided to postpone it until this weekend. A wonderful family from church invited us over for dinner tonight so that I didn't have to cook on my birthday (how sweet!!) But, I had to call and cancel today because Jacob is still really sick.

So, last night, I decided that I'd make do with what we had. I decided to make chicken for dinner in the crocpot. It's pretty bland so that Jacob can eat some if he's up for it, but it will still be yummy. I'll make some rice for Clarissa and some lima beans for me, and we'll still have a decent little dinner at home. At the urging of the kids, I made a cake yesterday, and the kids had our neighbor write on it, so it now says "Happy Birthday, Mom." Even though it's nothing like we planned, it is still a good birthday. It would be GREAT if my little man felt better. I don't like it when my kids are sick. :(

And now I'm supposed to:

Post the logo on my blog.

Nominate blogs that show great attitude or gratitude.

I nominate my friend Brynn, who inspires me through her loving posts that always show the affection she has for her faith, her family and her friends. I also nominate Sherry, who shows love of God, love of famil and love of life like no other I've seen. And she's pretty darn creative, too!

Link to the nominees within my blog post. Check.

Notify the recipients of the award by commenting on their blog. Check

Share the love and link back to the person from whom you received your award. That's Beth, and I linked to her above, so I think I'm done!

Monday, March 16, 2009

We ARE Sports Maniacs...

Since Ron won't be here tomorrow, we decided to celebrate my birthday yesterday after church. Our plans got a little derailed because Jacob was sick, so the boys didn't go to church. We intended on going out to lunch after church, but since the boys stayed home, Clarissa and I went back to the house after church. We decided to open my presents and then go to a family diner for a quick lunch.

So......what did I get for my birthday????

SPORTS MANIA for my Cricut. YAY!!!!

I have SO many things I can already use this cartridge for -- Jacob plays basketball, soccer and baseball already, so I've got plenty pages to accent using this cartridge. I'm so pleased that Ron listens to my rambling. LOL!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Patch!!

My dog turned two today. I can't believe we've had her this long already. With all the heartache she's caused me, you'd think I would have thought she was turning ten! LOL.

The kids were thrilled to celebrate. They love birthday celebrations and insist on doing something for the dogs every year. As soon as Clarissa woke up this morning, she called Patch. When she ran in her room, Clarissa sang Happy Birthday to her. It was pretty precious.

After dinner, we presented Patch with her gifts and then gave her (and Buster) a kong filled with peanut butter. Both dogs were in heaven. And then the kids were, too, when I cut the cake I baked. Hee. Hee.

Friday, March 6, 2009

1. Delivering some homemade food to a neighbor who broke their arm was my last random act of kindness.

2. Another place I'd love to visit is New Zealand.

3. Use your head in matters of the heart.

4. Coffee, tea or water -- but NO coffee.

5. Ron and I are no longer on separate paths.

6. Our dog reminds me that there is daylight every morning.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to taking a bath, tomorrow my plans include watching Jacob play basketball and visiting with my parents and Sunday, I want to sleep in a little before church!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, March 2, 2009

Give me something GOOD to think about.

It's Monday.

It's Snowing.

It's the first of the month (well, today is March 2. I mean it's the BEGINNING of them month.)

It's time to pay bills.