Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To See. Or Not to See.

Three weeks ago, I took the kids to an eye doctor. Jacob thought it would be fun and couldn't wait to get there. Clarissa did NOT want to go...until we got there, and she saw the free water and cookies in the waiting room. Typically CJ!!

We were talking as we were waiting, and Jacob asked WHY they needed their eyes checked. I told him that I had a very strong feeling that he needed glasses. Wha?? That's pretty much how he looked at me. Then, he insisted that I was wrong and told me he'd prove me wrong.

Unfortunately for him, I was right. He needs glasses. He was SO disappointed, so I tried to focus on the positives -- like the fact that he would finally be able to SEE things clearly. We picked them up Monday, and when he put them on, he couldn't believe the difference they made. He can finally see all the things he didn't know that he couldn't see.


Lita said...

And he looks mighty handsome in them too!

Ps - thanks for the reminder that I need to book myself in for another eye check lol